Thursday, March 8, 2007

Boardercross at Plattekill - want to try it?

Everybody wants to try Boardercross since the Olympics,but the race course set-ups are few and far between on the mountains.

Plattekill - now - is the answer!
The Catskill Mountain Series of USASA (grassroots snowboard competition league) is holding their Boardercross and Skiercross at Plattekill Mountain, in the Catskills of NY state, this Saturday, March 10. If you want to compete, you'll have to register for the day

But, will the boardercross course still be open inthe days after the event? Check with the mountain.

Never visited Plattekill? Plattekill has big mountain terrain, with small mountain charm.

Plattekill Mountain
469 Plattekill Mountain Road
Roxbury, NY 12474

Info & Lodging: (607) 326-3500

Snowphone/Conditions: 800-NEED-2-SK

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sherp said...

Sounds great! how long is the course?