Friday, January 26, 2007

Halfpipe at Windham Opens!

Windham debuts their new Halfpipe Sat. January 27, 2007

Halfpipe Update for Northeastern US

A lot of halfpipes this season are late or non-existent in the Northeast due to the lack of natural snow.

But the mountains have been pumping away, making snow like crazy, and we're excited that we're going to ride Windham's brand new pipe tomorrow. The pipe is being cut now by a former Stratton superpipe cutter, with Windham's new Zaugg pipecutter, just in time for the Catskills Region USASA Halfpipe Competition Saturday.

Btw, Windham had plenty of water and even extra air on hand so they could make as much snow as possible this season as soon as the temperatures cooperated. They rented air compressors to be on the ready.

What's USASA? It's the largest grassroots snowboard competition group in the world, and one of the only ways you'll ever get to try Boardercross or Slopestyle as an amateur. Read more here
and here
in "How to Go Pro"

And check out USASA's page here:

Speaking of halpipes, Okemo's SoBe Superpipe is ready to ride now, and Whiteface will have their pipe open soon. Killington is working toward Feb. 1 opening of their superpipe.

Next blog is about the 2 rail jams in NYC next week.

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