Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This FRIDAY NIGHT at Crotched Mountain - Video Park!

FRIDAY NIGHT - Crotched Mountain, NH hosts Dan Egan's Wild World of Winter Terrain Video Park

On December 29, 2006 the First Annual Terrain Video Park Event will be held, to kick off Crotched Mountain's Midnight Madness snowboard and skiing until 3 a.m. every Friday and Saturday night!! This is going to be an awesome event, not to be missed!
All the top film crews in New England will be there Friday night filming their riders on the insane specially built park features in Bennington, southern NH.

Where's the snow? At Crotched Mountain!! Their state of the art fan gun snowmaking system has the highest rated snow production capacity per skiable acre in New England. If you don't believe it, when Crotched Mountain hosted the Main Event (one of New England's premier snowboard comps - hey Micah!) 2 weeks ago, they had a 30 footer and a 50 foot jump - while other mountains are struggling to get snow cover on the ground!

"East Coast Snowboarder" magazine,, and film crews including Meathead Films out of Burlington, VT, GBP Productions from Rutland, and Kevin Corchoran's "Terrain Park Test Team" will be on site, to name just a few.

The Friday Night Video Park terrain is being brainstormed by unsung hero and upcoming rock star Park Builder Aaron Hyer of Crotched Mountain. Aaron was responsible for designing the "Flaming Rail" last year that is still being talked about. He's super hungry, and is known to build some of the best park features in the East.

Friday night we're expecting to see innovative features like a Bonfire Gap, an Elevator Gap (uprail to another rail or landing), Road Gap, and a Wire Spool feature. Crotched Mountain's snowmaking department is dedicating all of their resources and energy for the next 2 days just to this park.

The pro riders are psyched, since there are few park features anywhere in the southern North East at this point in the season, due to Mother Nature's sulky refusal to grace us with winter weather. This is also a fun last chance to hang out with the industry bro's before they head out west for the
competition season.

Everybody's welcome to watch; only the invited and registered pros can hit the Video Park features. You can hike to Love Park pretty easily if you're not riding or skiing Crotched Mountain Friday night, but it's more fun if you have a lift ticket. $35 gets you 5 pm to 3 am, and $29 for 9 pm to 3 am. More at

If you're a pro filmer interested in filming this event, or entering your athletes, contact Kevin Corchoran at or 603 953-3406

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