Monday, November 27, 2006

Boston Globe SnowSports Expo

The Boston Globe SnowSports Expo went down in Boston Nov.16-19, 2006. This is the country's 2nd largest snow show for the public, with 42,000 avid sportsters attending, watching the entertainment, eating, drinking, and shopping at the Ski Market on site, with tons of gear and clothes on sale.

Dozens of mountains from New England, Canada, Out West, and Europe have booths, and many snowboard equipment companies are set-up. And there's a skate park. And trampoline team show. Show impresario Bernie Weichsel is low-key hands on. I saw him at the gate both nights saying goodbye to the shoppers at the end of the night. This guy loves music almost as much as he adores skiing. And helped put on the Winter Fest in NY's Central Park.

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